Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Valentine's Day - Gifts for Him

Nike Flyknit HERE :: Express Marled V Neck HERE :: Batman Cufflinks HERE
Wall Mount Bottle Opener HERE :: Cologne Sampler HERE :: Clinique for Men HERE :: Patagonia Vest HERE 
Cire Trudon Candle HERE :: Star Wars Boxers HERE :: Coach Duffle HERE

I always find that men are the hardest to shop for; my girlfriends are the most decisive and direct, each of them stating exactly what they want for any occasion where gifts are appropriate. This leaves zero room for failure on their partner's end. Men on the other hand, don't leave hints, and many just say "whatever you think," when asked what they want. Here are ten awesome gifts that any guy would be lucky to get on Valentine's Day. Two of my personal favorites are the tobacco pipe scented candle, which doubles as decor, and the monogrammed wall mount bottle opener. I also love the Batman cufflinks, which add a little fun to more formal attire! I find that receiving a pair of shoes can be very romantic, especially a pair as nice, comfortable, and versatile as these Nikes. (One year I asked for new Chucks and couldn't have been more excited!) Happy Valentine's Day to you and yours! May this list of goodies make it easier to shop!

Do you have a great gift in mind for your significant other? Please share in the comments! Thanks for stopping by!

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