Wednesday, January 31, 2018


Every year, no matter where in the country I'm living (since let's be honest, I've lived in a quite a few places!), my dad sends me a bouquet of lilies for Valentine's Day. They're his favorite flower, and I have come to love them, too, because of that. Last year, my house was only 15 minutes from my parents' so he took the time to hand deliver chocolates. It's the little things that our loved ones do that mean the most.

If you're anything like me, you may be a last minute shopper with the best intentions! Without fail, special occasions seem to sneak up on me when I have the least amount of time to pick out a gift. With exactly two weeks left until Valentine's Day, I've rounded up 14 great last minute gift ideas for her, all under $100. Throw in a bouquet of her favorite flowers, or a card with a hand written, heart felt message, and she'll feel all the love and appreciation you have for her. Wife, girlfriend, mother, daughter, whoever the special lady in your life is - she'll love any of these gifts! I'll give a quick breakdown of each of these items, below:

POP SOCKET The latest rage in making holding your phone and taking selfies easy. For $10, you can't beat this adorable rose gold tech accessory.
SCARF This scarf just went on sale from one of my favorite retailers. It can be worn so many different ways and is the perfect way to show your love!
EARRINGS These earrings are the perfect way to dress up an outfit, especially with spring right around the corner. They're lightweight but still give a great POP of color!
NECKLACE This designer has a plethora of quality, budget friendly pieces for all occasions, this pendant necklace included.
PAJAMAS What girl doesn't want to feel like she's being pampered wearing silky pajamas? This satin set will surely make her feel comfortable, and fashionable in sleepwear.
BRACELET Another piece from one of my favorite trendy jewelry designers. This piece is easy to add to your outfit on your way out the door, and she's sure to get a ton of compliments throughout the day!
CANDLE My brother gifted me one of these candles for my birthday, and I repurchase one as often as I can because they smell amazing and last a good while!
WATCH Every girl needs an accessory that looks good and has function - this watch covers both bases! It's the perfect size for any wrist and isn't too gaudy or heavy for every day wear.
GIFT SET Three items for the price of one! This designer gift set includes perfume, shower gel, and body lotion with a scent inspired by a love story.
FITBIT You'd never know, looking at this bracelet, that it's also a fitness tracker! Now, she can track her steps without sacrificing a fashionable look.
MAKE-UP CASE Every girl needs a pretty place to put her makeup and/or other accessories! This pouch is perfect for home, travel, or even work to keep her organized.
EARRINGS This second pair of earrings is a little more formal, but can certainly be dressed down with a fun shirt and pair of jeans. They are dainty, lightweight and are sure to make her smile!
BELT How fun is this bow belt?! It's a great accessory to add a cute touch to any outfit! Whether dinner, or the office, it's a must have.
WATER BOTTLE Last but certainly not least, this might be my favorite on this list! This precious pink water bottle will keep her beverage of choice cold all day, and can easily be toted around the office, the gym, or in her purse.

Is there something special you're wanting for Valentine's Day or a gift you received that meant a lot to you? I'd love to hear about it in the comments, below! As always, thanks for stopping by!

Monday, January 8, 2018


Heading into the New Year, I decided to change up a lot of things, including my hair care routine! I never want to give feedback on products that I haven’t had a chance to really integrate into my daily routine, so it’s taken me about a month to fairly and honestly review each product that I’ve listed. I’m excited to say that I have been loving the products, and the results that I've been seeing. Below, are all the steps and products that I use. Hope you enjoy!

SHAMPOO – If you're like me, you associate minty freshness with winter. I have found a shampoo (and linked a very similar one) that I love! Maple Holistic recently reached out to me, and asked if I'd like to try one of their tea tree shampoos. Not only are their product extremely affordable, they are cruelty and paraben free, and actually promote hair growth!

CONDITIONER – Unfortunately, this conditioner is only available through your hair salon, or the L’Oreal site, however, it is definitely worth looking into. My stylist recommended this after I had complained about excessive breakage. He said I could use it as an overnight mask, or as a conditioner. It is on the pricier side, but I love it so far, especially since

HAIR MASK – I’ve been using this mask twice a week now, and my hair is always silky smooth after. I shampoo, and condition, then leave this mask on while I’m shaving my legs. It doesn’t leave any sort of film after being washed out, and is super versatile. It can be used as a conditioner, as a mask, or as a leave in product.

LEAVE-IN CONDITIONER – After years of coloring my hair, I started to see the toll that it was taking and wanted to up my conditioning game, even out of the shower. This company makes so many great products, that all smell amazing, and I’ve found that a nickel-size amount of this leave-in conditioner not only detangles, but also adds moisture to my hair without weighing it down.

BLOW DRY GEL – I always thought that if I put too many products in my hair, it would leave a residue; it’s all about finding the right products though! My hair is relatively thin, and it seems to be especially flat in the back of my head. This is where this volumizing gel comes in handy. It’s a great first layer to use as a heat protectant, and to give your hair some body while blow drying it. A small amount goes a long way, so even though it’s pricier than most drug-store brands, it will last you a while. 

STYLING TOOLS – I’ve also learned that it’s important to use the correct brush and blow dryer to style your hair. I love this brush, and this blow dryer. The blow dryer I have is an older model, so I’ve linked an almost identical one which includes the same nozzle attachments as mine. It took me a couple years to find the correct round brush, as I would wait until mine was practically falling apart to buy a new one. I picked this one up at a local drugstore. When I was in college, I shelled out close to $100 for an expensive straightener, and 6 months later, it died on me. I found this flatiron when I was searching for my hair dryer, and it has lasted me going on 4 years. It uses the same technology, and is a third of the price of a high end one. For me, that’s a win! 

FLAT IRON SPRAY – After I blow dry my hair, I let it cool for a few minutes, and then I spray on this heat protectant spray. Didn’t I just protect my hair with my volumizing gel? Yes, but I feel like this spray is dual purpose – it protects and it leaves my hair feeling silky smooth and gets rid of the fly-away baby hairs I have. Plus, it smells great!

HAIR OIL – One of my roommates in college brought this home one day, and I was terrified to use it, especially since my scalp can get rather oily in the summer. She reassured me that the tiniest bit would add shine to my hair without making it look like I could fry an egg on it. She was right! You can use this oil in wet or dry hair, and again, the smallest amount goes the longest way, especially in dry hair. This is the last step in my hair care process; I normally use it on the ends of my hair, and put the remainder all throughout the top and middle layers of my hair.

Et voilĂ ! There is my updated hair care routine. Do you have a favorite hair product or tool that you love? I’m always up for any recommendations! Feel free to leave a comment below and as always, thanks so much for stopping by!