Tuesday, December 12, 2017


Out of everyone that I holiday shop for, the men in my life are always the hardest. I have rounded up 15 great, affordable items, that just about every guy would love.

1. JOGGERS Under $100, these are perfect for lounging or even running weekend errands, all while being stylish and keeping him warm
2. VEST This vest is a classic. It can be dressed up or down, comes in a variety of colors, washes well and is worth every penny.
3. BACKPACK This company is known for their quality luggage, and accessories; this backpack is no exception. Great for toting around work materials, or packing for a weekend trip, it leaves you hands free while traveling.
4. WALL ART Whether you're a Clemson, Carolina, or even a UConn fan, these wooden wall art signs make a great accessory for any man-cave or office.
5. JACKET In business since 1894, this company is well known for their stylish outdoor jackets.
6. RETRO BLUETOOTH STEREO This stereo looks super retro, but is fitted with 3 bluetooth speakers and the ability to listen to the radio, if you'd like.
7. SLIPPERS These lambskin moccasins are sure to please any man; they are super soft, keeping your feet toasty warm in winter months and, they come with a lifetime warranty! (I have the women's version and I love them.)
8. COASTERS What's better than football leather coasters for game day? Watch the game without worrying about leaving water stains on the furniture. Everyone wins!
9. BOOTS My favorite boot retailer has come out with a fashionable, affordable boot for men.
10. FLEECE Several gentlemen I know own this jacket and have said it will last them "years." It has plenty of pockets, not to mention it can be layered under a thicker coat or on top of a sweater.
11. BEER GLASSES Give him a reason to drink out of something other than the beer can. These mustache beer glasses are super fun and affordable.
12. TRAVEL KIT Not only does this travel kit come with manicure essentials, it also comes with a toothbrush, comb, and full size Gillette razor and 3 refill razorblades; not to mention a screwdriver for the McGuyver in every man!
13. SHOT FLASK Whether he hunts, fishes, or loves a good tailgate, this shot flask is the perfect compact way to carry his favorite liquor around.
14. MONEY CLIP Although pretty simple, this smooth leather money clip will keep his pocket finances organized without the bulk of a folding wallet.
15. COOLER This is the only thing my boyfriend requested for Christmas this year. I happily obliged as this cooler holds 16 cans of beer, up to 20 pounds of ice, and will keep everything cold overnight if necessary! The technology that goes into these coolers is pretty awesome. Yes, they are pricey, but they are super versatile. Beach, boat, road trip....bring it anywhere!  

Who do you have the most difficulty shopping for? I'd love to hear about it in the comments, below! As always, thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, November 26, 2017


At work, someone mentioned that we are only as of yesterday we are only 3 Fridays away from Christmas; um, what? I feel like I just celebrated the Halloween! Now that the weather is starting to cooperate a bit more down here in Charleston, I'm all the more inclined to start doing some seasonal shopping. I am all about getting comfy and cozy when it's rainy and cold outside. I grew up in Connecticut, so I'm accustomed to several feet of snow - being down here is a welcomed change in temperature. Although Charleston doesn't see snow, (except that one time in 2014,) it does get cold enough to wrap up in a blanket scarf and throw on some fuzzy slippers. I've rounded up my top picks for my Holiday Wish List. As most of you know, I'm Jewish, so I don't celebrate Christmas, but that doesn't mean a girl can't make her Hanukkah list; surely there are enough items to fill eight nights! I've included a bit of everything from tech to home decor. Hopefully this inspires some ideas for those of you who are stumped on what to buy a loved one! Happy holidays and happy shopping!

Is there an item that you've put on your wish list that you're just dying to receive? Tell me about in an email or in the comments below! As always, thanks for stopping by!

Monday, October 2, 2017



Seeing as it's not quite autumn weather yet, I'm squeezing extra wear out of as much of my "summer wardrobe" as possible - this outfit is a perfect example of that and better yet, it's super transitional as the days cool off.

It's no secret that I have broad shoulders. Growing up, people used to say, "with shoulders like that, you must be a swimmer..." I was. I never really paid much attention to it until I took my senior portrait in college and realized that there were certain clothing styles that were not flattering. I have met plenty of people who are not self conscious about their shoulders....I say, hats off to you! Anyway, the "OTS" (off-the-shoulder) trend is one that I have been weary about. I used to think about how cute every other girl looked wearing these summery tops until my mom told me, "just try one on, and see how it goes." So, I did. And, I loved it! I've linked a few different styles above and below for you. I've also linked the bra that I wear with this top. 

Oh Paige Denim, how I adore thee. This specific pair is called the Legacy. Stretchy, comfortable for all day wear, and definitely worth the money because they are durable through the washing machine without fading instantly! Y'all know I loved a good pair of distressed denim. 

These Steve Madden peep toe booties have been on constant repeat since I purchased them. I wear them with jeans, shorts, and dresses. I am always getting compliments on them and I highly recommend them for two reasons. 1. Booties are a trend that will not be fading any time soon - they're a great transitional piece. 2. I can wear them all day and my feet do not hate me after. I work in a corporate buying office which means I am running around ten to twelve hours a day, every day. I only wear shoes that I am comfortable in (okay, and that are cute, too!) These fit the bill and right now, they are....drum roll please....ON SALE! 
Is there a fashion trend that you were skeptical to try? Did you end up trying it and loving it?  Let me know! I'd love to hear about it in an email or in the comments, below. As always, thank you for stopping by!

Sunday, June 18, 2017



I work in the fashion industry and see the constant evolution of trends. It's a swinging door; taking fashion from decades ago and reinventing it with a modern twist. The bell sleeve is the perfect example of this. If your parents or grandparents were around in the 60s and/or 70s, they'll remember the bell sleeve....it's back, baby! 

The top I found from Nordstrom is an understated blue, with gorgeous ruching at the elbows and a three quarter length sleeve. It is flattering for all body types and the fabric is super breathable and soft. It's definitely in the "affordable" category. 

I found these Paige Denim skinnies and immediately added them to my ever-growing Paige collection. A girl can never have too many pairs of white pants; especially if she's as spill-prone as I am. I walked into work the other day and within 10 minutes had a spot on my white skirt....HOW?! Anyway, these jeans are curve hugging and comfy. I love them!

I picked up these shoes a while ago, but have linked a couple of similar pairs for you. The espadrille isn't a trend that I see going anywhere, so these are definitely worth the investment, not that they were through the roof expensive to begin with. It gives a nice contrast to the rest of the outfit.

Call me crazy, but I don't know a single girl who doesn't love a Louis Vuitton bag. If there ever was a time to break the bank and splurge, this would be it. I have taken this bag on date night, grocery shopping, and half way around the world while traveling. It's great to just throw some lip gloss, your keys and phone in and go. It's also helpful when you're carrying a camera around and don't want to bother with a bulky bag. It gives easier access (and is more fashionable) than a backpack. It comes with a cross body strap, which can be removed so you can use this dainty over the shoulder chain.  
Are you on board with the bell sleeve trend? I'd love to see some of your outfit ideas using it. Shoot me an email or comment below. As always, thanks for stopping by!

Saturday, June 17, 2017


Before I spend money on a product, I normally turn to the internet (Amazon included) for some reviews. After trying tons of products for the past few months, I've decided to give a break down of a few of my favorite staples, repurchases, and throw-aways. I know there are a ton of these reviews out there, but hopefully this adds to making your decisions and your shopping a bit easier!

Let's start with the first thing I put on in the morning, deodorant. I have a long history with Dove products. My grandmother and my mother have both kept Dove in their homes for as long as I can remember. Soap, body wash, all of it. Stick deodorant was never really my thing, although I have a couple that I like. I have repurchased Dove's dry spray in several different scents - I love the way it goes on, lasts all day, and doesn't stain my clothing. Suave is a good alternative, it just didn't impress me the same way. Suave wasn't a throw away, it just wasn't a repurchase.

Next, cleansing pads. I usually use these before my face wash. Neutrogena makes a ton of great facial cleansing products that are extremely budget friendly and actually work, which the goal, right?!  I started using these pads a couple of summers ago when I constantly traveling. They're great to throw in a Zip-Loc baggie, put in your bag, and use after a long flight, or even after the gym. I'm going to recommend Neutrogena over Bliss for two reasons. The first, is that I feel like Neutrogena gets more of the sweat and make up residue and off of my face. The second, I feel like the Bliss pads leave a sticky film on my face. When I don't have my normal post-pad face wash available, I don't want to feel like my face is anything but squeaky clean after I scrub it with a cleansing pad.

I've tried a fair number of BB creams. These three range in price and in coverage. The Physicians Formula was the most expensive, and did a fair job of evening out my skin tone, without feeling too heavy. The e.l.f. was the least expensive, and also my least favorite. I was super disappointed because I normally love their products. I tossed this one. It clumped on my skin and peeled off, almost like plastic wrap. Nope, not a fan. Maybelline was middle of the road with cost and was also a repurchase because this stuff is awesome! It does a great job with coverage, doesn't feel too heavy, evens out out my skin tone, and lays a nice base for my foundation (if I feel like I need some that day.) It is matte enough to not even need powder, and the best part, it is SPF 30. Can we say "winning" ?!

Moving onto mascara. Maybelline does it again. Their mascara has been in my make up bag since I was 15.  Who remembers the pink and green bottle that their mascara (still) comes in? My mother actually still uses it! Anyway, after my luggage was lost last year, I ran to the closest Target to grab the essentials. This mascara and this Rimmel one were two that I chose. I don't own any amount of Rimmel products, including this mascara because I tossed it after a week. It gave me great volume, all the while running down my face. I had raccoon eyes constantly. I tend to stay away from waterproof mascara because it's harder to remove, and maybe their waterproof version of this is better, but I'm all set with my Maybelline Colossal. I give this stuff two thumbs up for lengthening, volumizing, and not smudging.

As far as lip balm goes, these products are both repurchases for me. I keep Burt's Bees in my handbag, and Blistex in my desk at work. Together, these will cost you under $6.00 so you can try them out for yourself without feeling guilty if you hate both of them but hopefully you'll love them as much as I do!

Hair and nails are the last two we have left. Amazon Prime is usually my go-to for when I want to try a new hair prouct like this Bed Head CurliPops Wand. I ordered this one as well as Bed Head's Bubble Wand. I immediately knew that I was not going to stick with the bubble wand because it took me too much time to figure out how to properly wrap my hair around it. I love playing around with hair and make up, but I'm not someone who has a ton of time to do so, especially during the work week. I can put waves in my hair in under 10 minutes with the straight wand; I tossed my curling iron after finding it!

As a teenager, I used to save part of my allowance to buy a new Essie nail polish each month.  Then, gel manicures became the new craze so I moved onto those. In the midst of that, companies started marketing "gel-like" nail polishes with promises of lasting upwards of 10 days. Imagine my excitement when Essie came into the picture with their own version. I practically ran to the closest drug store to snag some bottles. Womp, womp; how I felt after only two days the polish chipped and peeled. I tried different bases, no base, nothing helped. To me, it's no different than their regular polish. The colors are pretty but it doesn't last a great amount of time.

When I lived in Charleston, a girlfriend of mine introduced me to the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel. It's the only nail polish I use on my toes anymore; it lasts almost two weeks without chipping or peeling even if you're running every day in sweaty socks and sneakers. If you don't want to do gel, pay for gel, or only want your polish on a week or so, then this nail polish is for you.
I love hearing from you guys! Do you have a product comparison or question? Leave it below in the comments, or email me! As always, thanks for stopping by :)

Thursday, June 15, 2017


When I decided to document this mouth watering, UH-mazing homemade pizza, it dawned on me that I have not ever done a "home made" food post. They have all been based around restaurants where talented chefs and cooks have been preparing the food. I hit it out of the park with this pizza, if I do say so myself. 

One of my best friends from high school, Jillian, has a blog, OMG Good Food, a newborn, a husband, and a career which keep her busy enough, but, she's always willing to give me recipe ideas. I took her suggestion for Greek pizza, and improvised a bit to come up with this beauty.

The process could not have been easier, so, let's get right into it! All of the following ingredients can be picked up at your local supermarket, and you can tweak as it suits you and your taste buds. You will need:

  • Raw pizza dough (feel free to just buy the pre-made stuff if you're not into kneading it yourself) 
  • Pitted Kalamata Olives
  • Sun-dried tomatoes
  • Fresh Mozzarella 
  • Feta crumbles 
  • Spinach 
  • Tomato Sauce (I ran out of my homemade sauce so I picked up my favorite store bought brand, Prego.) 
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Pam Cooking Spray 
First thing's first, preheat your oven to 350°F. If you're using raw pizza dough, there are a couple of ways you can knead it out. The first way, is to lay down flour, use a rolling pin, and roll it out. The second, is what I did. I greased a baking sheet with Pam Cooking Spray, and put about a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil on the dough. I knead it out with my hands until it is spread across the baking sheet. Then, using a fork, I poke small holes in the dough, to let it breathe. I put it in the oven, naked, for about ten minutes to let it get crispy. Next, I flip it over, and let the other side crisp for about 10 minutes as well. *If you bought pre-cooked dough, you can skip this entire process! 

While the dough is in the oven, I chop and prep my toppings. This is the mindless part....I take about a handful of sun-dried tomatoes and cut them into long vertical slices. I use half a jar of olives (because I love olives) and cut these in half, vertically as well. Leave the mozzarella in the fridge until you're ready to slice it, because when it becomes room temperature, it is harder to slice neatly. I honestly didn't think I would use the entire ball of mozzarella, but I did. I used about a third of the feta cheese. 

When both sides of your dough are crisped, slather that baby with tomato sauce and put on a layer of spinach. As I mentioned in the ingredients list above, I usually have homemade tomato sauce on hand, but Prego is my favorite store bought brand, so feel free to use whatever you like!
Next, pile on your mozzarella and feta. Finish it off with the sun-dried tomatoes and Kalamata olives. Place it in the oven for 20-25 minutes, or until the cheese is melted and spinach is wilted. 

Warmer weather means that it is Rosé season, so that's what I drank this with, (Terres de Saint-Louis is my current fave,) but honestly, it tastes so good, you could drink it with anything! 

Buon Appetito!

I am always looking for new recipes to try, Id' love to hear about some of your favorites. Let me know if you tried this one of if you have a suggestion for one I should try. Comment below or email me. As always, thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, June 7, 2017


KNOT TOP Bloomingdale's | DENIM Paige | WEDGES Target | RING Cartier 
BRACELETS David Yurman • Tiffany & Co. (Beads) • Tiffany & Co. (Hook) • Cape Cod 

Three words to describe this outfit: trendy, casual, comfortable. I work long hours and spend a lot of time driving to and from the office, so on weekends, I want to just "veg," as my mother calls it. I want to be a couch potato and not put a ton of thought into anything, especially an outfit. I work in fashion, which means I cannot afford to ever look disheveled walking into our corporate headquarters. I usually plan my outfits for the week out on Sunday depending on the 5-day forecast and tweak as needed. When Saturday morning comes, athleisure is my go-to. Moving right along....this outfit takes the thought process out of looking put together and bows and tie tops are on trend right now. I'd call that a "win-win."

These cropped skinny Paige Verdugo jeans are slimming and have just the right amount of distress. There's enough stretch so that they move with you, and hug in all the right places. I will never get tired of saying how much I love Paige Denim; I've even turned people at work on to them.
As I said before, bows and tie tops are big this season; shirts like this one are great for work, play, or even a day-date. The material is soft, it's easy to steam and I get compliments on it every time I wear it.

I love to mix high and low end. These wedges are the balance in my outfit. They are super affordable and I don't see them going out of style any time soon. If your feet kill you after an hour in heels or, if you're (like me) and not the most coordinated person, then, wedges will be your best friend. These wedges are cushioned, and because they are nude, they can be matched with anything and they have an elongating effect on the leg if worn with shorts or a dress. What's better than that?!

What are some of your favorite high and low end pieces to mix?! Shoot me and email and or let me know in the comments below. As always, thanks for stopping by!

Saturday, May 27, 2017


RUFFLE TOP Talbots | SHORTS Alice & Olivia | BOOTIES Steve Madden | WATCH Michael Kors 

Now that Mother Nature has decided to cooperate and give us warmer weather, I have been wearing these Steve Madden booties on repeat. They are comfy enough to stand and walk around in for several hours, and can be worn with so many different outfits. Last week, I wore them with a lace shift dress to a baptism, and the following weekend, I paired them with this adorable outfit to meet my girlfriends for coffee. I picked up this ruffled sleeveless top a couple of years ago at Old Navy, but Talbots has a similar one that's currently *on sale!* When I saw these shorts hanging on the rack, I knew I had to have them. I've linked a similar pair for you guys. Olive is a color that can be worn with any skin tone and through all four seasons. While I lived in Charleston, SC, I was fortunate enough to experience several "winters" spent in shorts and a light cardigan - I wish has these back then!  
This David Yurman Double X Cross-Over ring was my gift to myself after starting my first corporate job. For those of you who don't know, I was an elementary school teacher for several years - but that story is sort of deserving of its own post. Nevertheless, I get compliments on this ring everywhere I go, and I can wear it anywhere because even though it's chunky, it goes with everything from a baseball cap and slouchy tee all the way to evening wear

Have you ever bought yourself a "congratulations" gift for achieving something? I'd love to hear about it - let me know in the comments below! As always, thank you for stopping by. :)

Monday, May 15, 2017


Chambray 7FAM | Striped Shirt SHOPBOP | Jeans PAIGE DENIM | Sneakers CONVERSE 
Watch MICHAEL KORS | Bracelets CHARRIOL and TIFFANY&CO. | Sunglasses RAY-BAN

      You don't need to be a fan of nautical themes to love this look. When I first started seeing the chambray trend, I was weary of being accused of wearing a "Canadian Tuxedo," (my apologies to any of my Canadian followers!) For those of you who don't know what that refers to, it is a denim shirt and jeans. Fast forward one year, here I am, loving chambray and the endless possibilities it brings. This post from last year talks about one of my favorite tops and this 7FAM one might surpass it. Throw whatever you've heard about horizontal stripes out the window, because this shirt defies all of it. It's great alone, or layered. I wore it in this post over the winter and have consistently reached for it since then. 
      I have recently converted my counter-part at work into a Paige Denim lover. On a daily basis we are always accidentally "twinning." People joke that they can't tell us apart from behind because we are the exact same height, hair color, and build. That being said, we appreciate a great pair of skinny jeans. After raving about this pair, she went out and bought them (and LOVED them, obviously!) 
      When I'm running errands or meeting my girlfriends for coffee, heels are the furthest thing from my mind. I have worn my chucks on several different European (and New Zealand) vacations throughout the years. What's better than drinking beer and being comfortable? Check out this post from Waiheke to see what I'm talking about. 
      The watch, and bracelets are the same old song and dance; definitely thinking about adding to my stack soon. I've seen some adorable and super affordable glass bead collections. 

      Do you have any recommendations for bead bracelets? Email me or leave suggestions in the comments! I'm always looking to support and try new designers and companies. As always, thanks for stopping by!