Saturday, March 10, 2018


In every post, I talk about something personal, but I suppose after a year of doing this, I should probably reveal more about myself than just my favorite brand of denim, or how I keep my skin looking refreshed. Here's 20 random facts that many people may not know. 
  1. I am the oldest of two; I have a younger brother, Jared. He is currently in law school in Southern California.
  2. I was born and raised in CT until age 26. I moved to Charleston, South Carolina for my first teaching job.
  3. I am a certified elementary school teacher in 3 states. I taught three years of 2nd and 3rd grade in South Carolina. I do not regret a single minute that I have been out of the classroom – it’s by far the smartest decision I ever made.
  4. I hate feet, especially other people’s feet. My toes are always painted and manicured nicely, and I wouldn’t be caught dead in flip flops with chipped polish, even in the dead of winter.
  5. I have a huge sweet tooth. I have my dad to thank for this. My first word was “dadoo,” which in my mind, meant “chocolate.”
  6. Even though I live by the beach, I spent every winter skiing until I was 26. 
  7. I broke my right hand and left wrist simply playing outside as a kid.
  8. I rode horses competitively until late in my 20s - my plan in the next 6 months is to get back into it, just for fun.
  9. Cobalt blue is my favorite color, although my wardrobe is made up of 90% neutrals.
  10. I am terrible in crowds and small elevators; my anxiety goes off the charts and I start to sweat and get panicky.
  11. I'm a control freak over things at work, but would rather let someone else choose where we're eating dinner; heck, they could even order for me! 
  12.  I make my bed every morning, even on the weekends - it gives me peace of mind.
  13. Due to a fear of heights, I lost consciousness while bungy jumping off the K Bridge in New's 150ft drop. There's footage to prove I actually did it! 
  14. I am always late for social gatherings, but will be 2 hours early to the airport for a domestic flight, even though we have a tiny airport and I have TSA pre-check.
  15. I started Not Set in Silverstone when I was transitioning out of teaching and trying to figure out what I really wanted to do with my life.
  16. I get restless living in the same spot for too long...I have lived in 4 different areas of Charleston and 2 areas of Charlotte. 
  17. Dating makes me super self conscious, and I've never even had a terrible first date. 
  18. "Sissy" was my nickname in my house growing up; to this day it's how my mother refers to me. 
  19. Two years ago, I tried to give up coffee and failed miserably....I drink at least 2 cups before 9am each day.
  20. Finn was given to me in 2013. I was not looking for a dog, but she's the biggest blessing in my life. She will be 5 next week!
There you have it! Hope you've enjoyed getting to know me a bit better. Feel free to ask me a question in the comments, and I'll be sure to answer! As always, thanks for stopping by :)