Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Eating in Pauanui - Grand Mercure Puka Park Resort - Traveling to New Zealand

We stayed three days at the Grand Mercure Puka Park Resort in Pauanui, New Zealand. It was about a two hour drive from Auckland. We ate breakfast and dinner at the resort for two reasons: 
       1. It was super convenient 
       2. The food is delicious

Every day for breakfast, my brother and I had the Brioche chocolate stuffed french toast. We also had full access to other items on the continental breakfast menu and usually enjoyed a large bowl of fresh fruit as a side, along with an orange juice and coffee. Most days, we were traveling to different areas around us, so lunch was normally very on-the-go and light.

For dinner, back at the hotel, the appetizers that we enjoyed for dinner included fried calamari, roasted, stuffed artichoke, garden salad, and grilled prawn and scallops. I ordered the artichoke two nights in a row because it was great! The ricotta/feta mix and breadcrumbs were blended nicely and it was not overly salty. The fish is so fresh that it's usually what I order. Two of the three nights I had Ling, a nice white fish, is comparable to John Dory. The other was New Zealand Snapper; a bit flakier and lighter than Ling. Both dishes were very good and garnished with zucchini and baby potatoes. My dad ordered the baked eggplant roll ups which were served over a baby green salad with balsamic vinaigrette dressing. I am not a fan of eggplant, so I'll just take his word for it when he says it was "full of flavor."

By the end of each dinner, we were so full that none of us indulged in dessert (which might be a first for me!) Overall, if you're looking for a great meal in Pauanui, I'd definitely recommend making a reservation at this restaurant.

Any hotel restaurant recommendations that you have? Leave a comment below!

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