Tuesday, December 12, 2017


Out of everyone that I holiday shop for, the men in my life are always the hardest. I have rounded up 15 great, affordable items, that just about every guy would love.

1. JOGGERS Under $100, these are perfect for lounging or even running weekend errands, all while being stylish and keeping him warm
2. VEST This vest is a classic. It can be dressed up or down, comes in a variety of colors, washes well and is worth every penny.
3. BACKPACK This company is known for their quality luggage, and accessories; this backpack is no exception. Great for toting around work materials, or packing for a weekend trip, it leaves you hands free while traveling.
4. WALL ART Whether you're a Clemson, Carolina, or even a UConn fan, these wooden wall art signs make a great accessory for any man-cave or office.
5. JACKET In business since 1894, this company is well known for their stylish outdoor jackets.
6. RETRO BLUETOOTH STEREO This stereo looks super retro, but is fitted with 3 bluetooth speakers and the ability to listen to the radio, if you'd like.
7. SLIPPERS These lambskin moccasins are sure to please any man; they are super soft, keeping your feet toasty warm in winter months and, they come with a lifetime warranty! (I have the women's version and I love them.)
8. COASTERS What's better than football leather coasters for game day? Watch the game without worrying about leaving water stains on the furniture. Everyone wins!
9. BOOTS My favorite boot retailer has come out with a fashionable, affordable boot for men.
10. FLEECE Several gentlemen I know own this jacket and have said it will last them "years." It has plenty of pockets, not to mention it can be layered under a thicker coat or on top of a sweater.
11. BEER GLASSES Give him a reason to drink out of something other than the beer can. These mustache beer glasses are super fun and affordable.
12. TRAVEL KIT Not only does this travel kit come with manicure essentials, it also comes with a toothbrush, comb, and full size Gillette razor and 3 refill razorblades; not to mention a screwdriver for the McGuyver in every man!
13. SHOT FLASK Whether he hunts, fishes, or loves a good tailgate, this shot flask is the perfect compact way to carry his favorite liquor around.
14. MONEY CLIP Although pretty simple, this smooth leather money clip will keep his pocket finances organized without the bulk of a folding wallet.
15. COOLER This is the only thing my boyfriend requested for Christmas this year. I happily obliged as this cooler holds 16 cans of beer, up to 20 pounds of ice, and will keep everything cold overnight if necessary! The technology that goes into these coolers is pretty awesome. Yes, they are pricey, but they are super versatile. Beach, boat, road trip....bring it anywhere!  

Who do you have the most difficulty shopping for? I'd love to hear about it in the comments, below! As always, thanks for stopping by!