Monday, December 19, 2016

December Favorites

This month, I've rounded up my favorite scents, hair products, and some other goodies for my favorites. Several of these, including the Redken hair treatment and the Clearasil face wash, I have been using and repurchasing for years. The DW Home candle was a new purchase, that I have been coveting for months; I'm so glad I caved and finally brought it home! 

1. Dove Hairspray HERE
Every time I use this, people tell me, without fail, how great my hair smells. It doesn't leave a sticky film like some products and it holds for hours!

2. Redken Hair Butter HERE
This was first recommended to me in college by my hair stylist. I have been using and repurchasing it ever since. Redken has recently changed the name, but the treatment is the same. 

3. VS "Incredible" Scent HERE
Stumbled upon this one by accident - Remember when Victoria's Secret used to send the "Free Item" cards in the mail? Whether it was their newest undies, or scent, I immediately went to the mall and got my freebie. This was one of the scents they gave away; I loved it so much that I have three bottles now! I keep one in my car, one on my vanity, and one in my toiletry travel bag. 

4. OPI Nail Polish HERE and HERE
This color is great for fall, winter, and early spring. It is a deep reddish maroon, with a hint of sparkle in it. Lincoln Park After Dark is another one of my favorites, but sometimes I need something that is a little brighter, as LPAD comes out almost black.

5. TIGI Bed Head Conditioner HERE
I have repurchased this several times, and sometimes I even get lucky and find it on sale at Target. I use it as more of a leave-in conditioner; I alternate between this and the Redken Hair Butter that I previously mentioned. 

6. DW Home Candle HERE
I saw this candle when I lived in Charlotte, NC, but never pulled the trigger to bring it home. After months of passing it in stores, I went ahead and bought it last week. These can be found in so many different places including TJMaxx, Marshalls, and Walmart. They can also be ordered online. The next scent I want to bring home is this one

7. Clearasil Face Wash HERE
This face wash is one of my common repurchases because even though it has scrubbing beads in it, it is still gentle on my skin. It smells good and my face always feels refreshed and super clean after I use it, especially after I've had a full face of make-up on all day!

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