Thursday, December 1, 2016

Gift Guide for the Man in Your Life

Shoes, jewelry, clothing, the newest iPhone....girls are generally easy to shop for; especially when we leave our significant others "hints" around the holidays. Hints don't always work - guys don't pick up on them as swiftly as girls. I've always wondered why that is. Does anyone know? Can you let me on in the secret?  Last year, I tore out the page of a Patagonia catalog, circled what I wanted and left my specifications (size, pattern, etc.) - I call it "idiot proof."

If your boyfriend is the "I don't need anything," hard to shop for type, take a look below. Most of the items are things I've purchased for significant others and even my dad and brother via specific request, which this year has made my shopping much simpler!

1. UE BOOM Speakers HERE • 2. Rag & Bone Wallet HERE • 3. BOSE Wireless Headphones HERE • 4. UGG Slippers HERE • 5. Fitbit HERE
6. YETI Rambler HERE or Customize it HERE • 7. DW Watch HERE • 8. Polo RL Gloves HERE • 9. Fossil Travel Kit HERE • 10. Hubsan Camera Drone HERE • 11. Patagonia Jacket HERE

Was there ever a time you left hints that didn't work? Comment below and share your stories!


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