Sunday, June 18, 2017



I work in the fashion industry and see the constant evolution of trends. It's a swinging door; taking fashion from decades ago and reinventing it with a modern twist. The bell sleeve is the perfect example of this. If your parents or grandparents were around in the 60s and/or 70s, they'll remember the bell's back, baby! 

The top I found from Nordstrom is an understated blue, with gorgeous ruching at the elbows and a three quarter length sleeve. It is flattering for all body types and the fabric is super breathable and soft. It's definitely in the "affordable" category. 

I found these Paige Denim skinnies and immediately added them to my ever-growing Paige collection. A girl can never have too many pairs of white pants; especially if she's as spill-prone as I am. I walked into work the other day and within 10 minutes had a spot on my white skirt....HOW?! Anyway, these jeans are curve hugging and comfy. I love them!

I picked up these shoes a while ago, but have linked a couple of similar pairs for you. The espadrille isn't a trend that I see going anywhere, so these are definitely worth the investment, not that they were through the roof expensive to begin with. It gives a nice contrast to the rest of the outfit.

Call me crazy, but I don't know a single girl who doesn't love a Louis Vuitton bag. If there ever was a time to break the bank and splurge, this would be it. I have taken this bag on date night, grocery shopping, and half way around the world while traveling. It's great to just throw some lip gloss, your keys and phone in and go. It's also helpful when you're carrying a camera around and don't want to bother with a bulky bag. It gives easier access (and is more fashionable) than a backpack. It comes with a cross body strap, which can be removed so you can use this dainty over the shoulder chain.  
Are you on board with the bell sleeve trend? I'd love to see some of your outfit ideas using it. Shoot me an email or comment below. As always, thanks for stopping by!