Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Neutral Blazer, Maroon Top, Round-Toe Pumps - What I Wore Wednesday

Blazer HERE || Maroon Shirt HERE || Distressed Jeans HERE, HERE and HERE
Round Toe Pumps HERE || Watch HERE || Make Up HERE

It's funny how sometimes, I'll wake up in the middle of the night with an outfit idea that I immediately need to put together before I fall back asleep and forget. This outfit is the perfect example of that occurrence. The top portion screams business casual, while the distressed jeans give it an edgier feel. Overall, the palette is rather neutral so you could switch out the shirt to almost any color you wish. These shoes are a must have. I was never a fan of round toe pumps until I stumbled upon these beauties. (Linked above and below.) I have worn them to weddings, girls' night out, and to business dinners. Whether I'm sitting at a table, standing at a bar, or dancing the night away, they do not give me blisters or cramp my toes. 



  1. Setting the fall outfit goals right there! The entire outfit screams perfection; from the gorgeous blazer to the hot round toe pumps. Legit fall outfit inspiration.

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