Friday, February 17, 2017

Cashmere Turtle Neck Sweater and Leopard Pumps - Fashion Friday

Burberry Scarf HERE and HERE || Turtle Neck Sweater HERE || Skinny Black Pants HERE ||  Belt HERE and HERE || Leopard Pumps HERE, HERE and HERE || Michael Kors Watch HERE || Make Up HERE 

While trying on different outfits for this week's post, I sort of threw this together and really surprised myself with how much I loved it. I even made one of my girlfriends meet me for coffee after so I had a reason to wear it! This would be perfect for work, a coffee date, dinner, or girls' night out. The neutral palette means that the accessory possibilities are almost endless.

The scarf was a gift from parents when I was in....high school....and I still wear it! (It's a classic.) The sweater is one that my darling mother gave to me while doing her spring cleaning. I haven't worn an actual turtle neck since I was in elementary school and was quite nervous to put this on, but it's so warm and it actually accentuates my shape really well. My cropped skinny pants are a staple in my closet and I have worn holes in pairs of these from getting such great use out of them; I think this is my third pair. Unfortunately, the belt is from years ago but I have linked tons of other ones for you!

Can we take a minute to admire my leopard pumps?! Oh. My. Goodness. Leopard is great because you can mix it with different colors and it adds a POP to any outfit. I don't think you're ever too old to rock a pair of leopard heels; or at least I'm going to tell myself that forever. I bought my first pair in 2005 and wore them until the soles were literally gone (I could feel the pavement on my feet.) Some nice boy bought me these in 2015 and I plan to wear them until the heels fall off. Heels...the way to my heart!

And now, for the accessories. My Michael Kors watch is my same old one, and so are my Bling! bracelets. I wasn't able to find them online, as I know they were purchased from a jeweler in Chappaqua, New York almost 7 years ago. I have linked a ton of other fun bracelets that would look great in their place. My teaching partner, Demi, gifted me this monogrammed clutch last year and it works perfectly with this outfit. I found some great zip clutches (also linked) with fun patterns and bright colors - seeing as how my outfit is based around neutrals, it's the perfect opportunity to play with color in different areas!

Do you have any outfits that you randomly tried on and just loved? I want to hear about them! Leave it in the comments. Thanks for stopping by :)

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