Saturday, November 26, 2016

November Favorites

I've rounded up some of my favorite hair, body, and beauty products from this month.

I'll definitely be repurchasing these products. Some of them could be used as stocking stuffers and none of them are outrageously priced. 

For starters, if you're one of those people whose hair refuses to hold a curl for more than 5 minutes, you need this curling wand. It won't break the bank, and the best part is that I don't even have to use hair spray!

Before blow drying, straightening or curling my hair, I use this Rusk Thermal Flat Iron spray. It reminds me of the CHI 44 Iron Guard, but it smells better and doubles as hair spray (if you want.)

Another Rusk product that I love, is this 12-in-1 leave in spray. After I get out of the shower, and towel dry my hair, I spray this all over. It doesn't leave a film on my hair, even if I let it air dry, and it smells great!

I have always been a fan of TIGI products. I recently picked up their Blow Out Illuminating Shine cream. You can use it before or after you blow dry your hair. I have found that on my hair, it works best if I use it right after I straighten my hair. I'm blonde, so it adds a nice golden depth to my locks.

I was unsure what to make of the BB Cream trend, until I ventured out and tried it for myself. BB Cream is comparable to tinted moisturizer, but with some added beauty benefits, including minimizing imperfections (sort of like concealer!) Every company makes a different formula, but for those of us who are on a budget *raises hand* New York Color (NYC) has some great options, including this one

This last product is not something I expected to love, but I do! My grandmother used to wash her hair with Johnson and Johnson baby shampoo, which I never understood but always loved the smell of. Johnson and Johnson has same great products, including this cocoa and shea butter lotion. It smells great, and I always find myself using it before bed. This is especially perfect if you're like me and have super sensitive skin.

What are some of your favorite beauty and skincare products? I'd love to hear about them in the comments!


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