Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Gift Guide for the Equestrian In Your Life

My mother likes to joke that I could ride before I could walk. Some days, I'm so clumsy with my feet on the ground that I actually believe this could be true. In any event, riding is my church, my therapy, and my happy place. Although I spend a ton of time at the barn, there is not a tack shop within close range. (An hour at minimum.) With the holidays coming in fast, I thought it only appropriate to provide a gift guide for those of you who have an equestrian, or a horse lover in your life! Dover Saddlery, one of my favorite companies, is having a Black Friday sale with up to 70% off. Their sale runs 11/22/16 until 11/27/16. State Line Tack is another website where I often peruse and have purchased quite a bit of tack. They have an automatic 30% off coupon code that applies when you visit their site.  

Horse Bit Bracelet (here) Hoof Pick Belt (here) Joules Jacket (here) Personalized Leather Bracelet (here and hereKerrits Ladies Horse Sense Half Zip (hereNoble Outfitters Ladies Elements Cowl (here) Pashmina Scarf (hereRoeckl® Polartec® Fleece Gloves (hereRider's International Large Diamond Pad (hereZocks Ladies Boot Socks (here)

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